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Highland Attraction

Inspired by a fusion of modern Scottish accents with luxurious velvets and animal hide to add a twist of texture and colour. This teamed with rustic timber and leather adds the authenticity and elegance of the Highlands. Dark tones on the walls or bold wallpaper adds to the quirky richness of this look. Ideal for any Scottish retreat, Modern Scottish town house, or indeed to add elegance to any house that’s to be called home.

Wild Attraction

If you like the thought of bringing the outside in, this is a gorgeous clean style with a mix of textures and materials and a hint of animal magic. This style can be adapted for any house, cosy country or even urban creating a stylish look with flow and light.

Understated Opulence

Where glass and steel meet the ancient orient. Making this style extremely elegant and sophisticated, yet it has the softness of velvet and silk, bringing together luxury and comfort. Candlelight and soft hues of eucalyptus and hydrangea add to its charm. The vibrant blue velvet exaggerates its opulence. Equally, soft greys or stark black would also be stunning in this scheme to create a calm cool and comfortable Oasis.

Upstate Reborn

This look brings informal living but with a sense of organisation and purity. It brings timber clean linens and a touch of leather and rope to create a coastal upstate feel. Relaxed and tranquil but also smart enough for the ultimate dinner party or simply a leisurely breakfast with family. Continue the look throughout the house to achieve a relaxed clean and inviting home with personality but not clutter. Bring a touch of New England to your retreat or indeed your everyday home.

Boutique Chic

Tailor your bedroom so you can escape to an exotic boutique hotel. Bold feature wallpaper, upholstered bedhead, no nonsense bedsides and elegant contemporary statement lamps. Bring some extra glamour in with crisp clean bedlinen and luxurious cushions and throws. This room is in moody blacks and greys however the colour palette can be any....made to suit your style and mood.

Townhouse Grandeur

This look evokes a more formal look with a nod to high ceilings, paneled walls and sophistication reminiscent of times gone by. Mixed with sleek painted greys, neutral timbers and textured fabrics, this look conjures up a timeless and yet relaxed modern look. A masculine and chic design scheme, solid yet refined, welcome in every home.