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Translucent Glass Elegance Lamp with Linen Shade

Topped with a carefully selected linen shade, the lamp achieves a perfect balance of textures and aesthetics. The natural texture of the linen shade complements the smoothness of the glass, adding a tactile element to its visual appeal. Whether casting a warm, ambient glow in your reading nook or gracing a console table, the Translucent Glass Elegance Lamp adds a touch of refined beauty to every corner it graces.

The lamp’s design speaks volumes about both its modern sophistication and its timeless charm. Its well-proportioned structure and graceful lines ensure it stands as a striking statement piece while seamlessly fitting into a variety of décor styles. The user-friendly on/off switch guarantees a hassle-free experience, allowing you to effortlessly create the desired ambiance.


SKU: CL062
Dimensions: (w)45cm(h)90cm
Weight: 7.0kg