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World Map Wall Art

A vintage look at the world, the framed World Map wall art will make a wonderful feature on your wall, providing a bygone look from yesteryear to any setting. The beautifully designed double hemisphere world map of the circumnavigation of the globe by Sir Francis Drake as it was seen in the late 1500’s will inspire an authentic antique feel to your room. A brown frame, with a gold decorative design, helps to bring focus to the picture, accentuating its worldly look. Around the hemisphere’s are decorative features including Elizabethan coat-of-arms, a vignette of Drake’s ship the Golden Hind, and four corner illustrations, all enhancing it’s dated look. Whether you are a fan of historical events, sailing or vintage art, the framed World Map wall art will hang effortlessly in your home, bringing a touch of character.


SKU: PA162
Dimensions: (w)132cm(d)9cm(h)100cm
Weight: 16kg
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